Hello! I'm new to this instance and to Mastodon. Would like to know what exactly a federation is and what being on this site is like (=^_^=)

@nerthos I think I'll be using this anytime I try to recruit more people into Mastodon and the like

@yourlocalimouto Just one thing: Mastodon is just one of the like 8 different software options compatible with the network, despite gagron's attempts to market it as "the mastodon network"
Feel free to make accounts on several servers and try the different options to see which you like most. There's no limitation on alternate accounts.

@nerthos That's a relief, I'd been wondering if I was only allowed to have one singular account

@yourlocalimouto No, you can have as many as you want. Some people only have one, some have a main account and a few backups in trusted servers in case the main one is on maintenance (that's my case), some have a main and alt accounts for other uses (account to post about politics, lewd account, account to post about specific hobbies) to filter content and not annoy followers.
It's really up to preference, much like with servers. Each server also has its own rules for what is and isn't allowed, content warnings if those apply, and so on.
@yourlocalimouto @nerthos you have up to three accounts if you get the gold subscription

@hakui @easthighNerd @nerthos you're losing me here.. I'll just assume soykaf is another instance and you need to pay for three (and a half) more accounts

@yourlocalimouto @hakui @easthighNerd Soykaf is the old pleroma instance set up by the guy that started the project, registrations have been closed for years so having an account there is sort of an old timer privilege, it's just a joke.
You don't need to pay for anything, though you can donate to several of the fedi software projects if you want

@nerthos @easthighNerd @hakui I see. Must be nice to show off an account to people who can't sign up haha

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