alright fediverse, do you have a naming scheme for your digital devices (phone, laptop, desktop, server, etc.)?

if you have a naming scheme, please consider telling me about it. i am curious about how other people do things like this :akkoListen:


If it has a graphical display, the name must match the wallpaper, and the wallpaper must match the desired aesthetics.

So eg. my current phone is red, so it has Selesia Upitiria from Re:Creators on a wallpaper, and hostname is selesia.

My thinkpad is dark and tough, so it has Batou from GitS on wallpaper, hostname batou.

My bigger laptop has blue backlight on keyboard and back-of-the-screen logo an has a spaceship-y look, so it has the Prometheus spaceship from Stargate on the wallpaper, and hostname is prometheus.

Now, things which don't have a screen, like servers, routers, switches, etc. I just name after any anime character.

Managed switch is tachikoma (from GitS)
OpenWRT router is integra (from Hellsing)
VPS used to be faris (from Steins;Gate) but she's dead now.

@wolf480pl so its based on wallpaper if it has a display, huh :flandreHappy:
does that make you change hostname if you change wallpaper as well?

@gaige I never change wallpaper.

(possibly relevant: I never change avatar either)

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