(I think I might've said this already, but it was on niu, which is going down soon, so...)

In this hostile world, in which everything is fuzzy and nebulous and imprecise, some of us humans have gone to a great length to create logic - a framework which we can use for precise reasoning.

We can use it in our brains alone, but we aren't too good at that, and we'll have to limit it to very simple tasks or risk making a mistake.

Or we can use tools, like pen and paper and mathematical symbols, which let us expand how much information we can store in its precise and logical form.

And then some of us went to even greater lengths to build machines which can do logic, and be precise.

These are computers.

They're good at the things at which we suck - logic and precision.

And they're bad at things we're good at - heuristics and fuzziness.

And then some funny crowd came along and said "we're gonna make machines for fuzzy heuristics".

But they didn't use naturally fuzzy neurons to make those machines. Nor did they use analogue circuits which also tend to be fuzzy.

Instead, they decided to emulate fuzziness on top of our precise and logical computers.

They went to a great length to undo the tremendous effort of computer hardware designers and make computers run fuzzy heuristics, which humans (and monkeys and lizards) were already good at!


In case it wasn't obvious: this was a rant about Machine Learning

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