Wtf I can't follow @nihl neither from here nor from it appears as if I sent a follow request and never had it accepted...

@wolf480pl Weird, I got a notification for your follow and can see your account as following me. I also followed you back and it looks like it worked.

@nihl I still don't see your posts in my home TL, and I see "cancel follow request" button when I view your profile... no idea what's wrong here. Lemme try from some pleroma.

@wolf480pl My account isn't set as private and doesn't require a follow request, it should be automatically approved. I don't see any errors in the logs except for issues fetching media from that instance, either.

>it should be automatically approved

yeah, I know. But it looks like neveer learnt that your pleroma automatically approved the request.

btw. I just tested from and it works from there. Looks like some new bug in mastodon-pleroma compatibility.

OTOH, I can follow quad from here just fine and he's using pleroma...

@wolf480pl That's really weird, I'm on 1.1.9. Let me restart my instance and check if I haven't missed a step last time I updated it.
@wolf480pl Alright can you cancel the follow request and resend it?

@nihl just did so, and it worked this time. Gonna check from too.

@nihl Doesn't work from

Anyway, it worked here, and I think i'm gonna be using this account as my main (because character limit) so yeah.

@wolf480pl I noticed the error with and fixed the source issue (DNS problem with my weird setup, long story), it should be working as well now in case you change your mind.

@nihl works, thanks.

As for weird DNS setup - you running your own CDN or sth?

@wolf480pl No problem, it's my fault it wasn't working properly 😄
Yes I have a makeshift CDN that works with GeoDNS, you noticed a problem with it?

@nihl other than the above, I haven't noticed any problems with it.

@wolf480pl @nihl (don't hesitate to tag me in these in the future, I am always happy to try to debug)

@mewmew @nihl fixed, will tag you if anything like that comes up in the future

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