the function of the pinephone isn't to be used as a phone it's so when people tell you to add them on whatsapp you say you can't because your phone runs gentoo

@tuxcrafting I'm currently having issues supporting the idea of having a gamepad attachment for it. The OG Pinebook can't even do 4K video so I doubt the same SoC can do gaming to a decent degree.

Also, what games even run on Linux ARM anyway?
Probably none. I was thinking about getting a Pinebook but won't now. Thanks for the info. ARM SOC's have terrible I/O to be useful for non-IOT use cases
@Verita84 I was referring to the Pinebook's SoC, the Rock64, not the Pinebook Pro's SoC, the RockPro64. The former is used in the Pinephone.

@thatbrickster @tuxcrafting Nintendo 3DS is an absolute toaster yet it has great games and all.

@lanodan @thatbrickster yeah but the 3DS is specifically designed to run games, with special video hardware and hardware organization to handle that

@lanodan Right, but the 3DS and the Pinephone aren't the same thing. Their ecosystems are very different.

@thatbrickster @tuxcrafting Maybe but you don't need fucking 4K or even FullHD on a fucking phone, even for gaming.
@lanodan I was using it as a benchmark instead of pretty numbers and charts. :)

@thatbrickster You can write games on any platform with any power as long as the device isn't trash.

Sure maybe it doesn't have RTX, high FPS (a handheld is fine with less FPS than a desktop btw), shaders, … but it can still have games.

@lanodan This implies there are currently no games, bringing us back to the point of why have a gamepad attachment for something that doesn't exist yet? How can you design something that will appease to future developments when there's nothing to base ideas on?

@thatbrickster There is already some FOSS games for mobile linux, one use case could also be retro emulators, which are also already present in mobile linux.
@thatbrickster 3D as in actual 3D or perspective? Former is irrelevant, latter already exists IIRC (I don't keep games installed on my phone, I needed more space for experiments).

@thatbrickster Okay, Nintendo 64 / Playstation1 or fucking Valve Index kind of 3D?

@lanodan The former. I can see 2D retro gaming but not 3D. I remain interested to see how well native 3D games go on the Rock64.

@thatbrickster @tuxcrafting Nintendo64 could probably be done but Playstation1 I don't think so.

Not really for GPU issues but more CPU one.
But I think an actual port of a PlayStation1 game could work on it, PSP would be easier, maybe PPSSPP could run on it.
@lanodan @thatbrickster @tuxcrafting daily reminder that PS1 emulation worked perfectly fine on late 90s tech
@lanodan @thatbrickster @tuxcrafting i know an acquaintance ran epsxe on a sub-1GHz single core processor and Riva TNT2 back in the day and it was fine. It ran at full speed (in most cases) on a Sempron Lunix machine with one of the budget variants of TNT2 we had at home at the time (actually ran better on that than on a dualcore+HT Atom 330 machine I switched to later - Intel Graphics Media Decelerator was likely the bottleneck there; NOT the CPU)

@tuxcrafting i'll happily let people add me on whatsapp, by informing them it has background sync disabled and notifications off

@tuxcrafting I saw a post a while back by a guy saying that the pinephone was more useful than the iphone because he could do anything he wants with it, and I was thinking to myself, but the iphone's dialer app doesn't crash.
@Moon @tuxcrafting SailfishOS dialer app doesn't either but Android one can make the whole system reboot.

@tuxcrafting My answer is simpler, but ppl look at me as if I have two heads.
I just don't have a phone! :-)
I do have a handy, but with no sim. It's a convenient tablet in a world with free wifi everywhere.
I will still buy a pinephone at some point just to be perfectly rid of google (I can't flash this cheap BLU). and support pine.
Plus, I work on a tree farm these days. Why wouldn't I have a 'pine' phone? :-)

Works well on android as well, "I don't have WhatsApp in my app store, it's not on f-droid"

That's not to say the pinephone isn't cool as hell, though.

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