@igel no it's different (similar but ground goes out from male plugs) but my parents have a bunch of devices and stuff from france

@igel france use the same plugs as germany but grounded, with the ground pin extending from the plugs

@tuxcrafting ours has 2 penises and one flat chest for ground. Switzerland has 3 penises which I always found funny cuz german penises work with their pussies but not the other way around

@igel ah so yeah german and french are the same, swiss is like israeli

@tuxcrafting yep!
Funfact: when you adopt or have a baby, you need to use plastic plugs that cover the unused sockets so they can't push anything through the socket :blobcat3c:
@Koishi @tuxcrafting DC power supplies all over Europe are usually floating 0. Which is mostly ok if you have plastic housings. Kind of sucks for metal cases, where you can get a buzzing current by touching say an aluminum laptop.
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