e allora mi bevo un'eccellente imperial red india pale ale

sì cazzo

a creamy, smooth yet strong unpastorized, not filtrered imperial porter can soothe the spirit

still can't upload any pic for my profile... wtf

still, I can drink my beer and forget about it for some time, again...

cheers to all of u out there. 🍻​

my fave Greek IPA
a gr8 IPA, with a particular conifer and citrus aroma.
a pity the brewery's owner has not disclosed to me the recipe...

what hops does this IPA feature?

oh well, I love it.


barley wine can be good, sometimes

now I'm gonna watch an episode or 2 of Demon Slayer and then go to lay my scheleton down...

'night everybody out there...

imperial porter
- done -

woah... need to eat something now, after 10 hours... and an additional 1.3 liter of

it's funny to nyan from the office about beer, knowing that you have none next to you and you'll need to wait the night to sip on one...

fuck, not cool

aaah! and this is the best pilsner of Greece, btw
honestly, Motueca hop makes all the difference... intense bitterness for a lager, indeed, yet refreshing


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