imperial porter
- done -

woah... need to eat something now, after 10 hours... and an additional 1.3 liter of

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When growing on mineral surfaces, some lichens slowly decompose their substrate by chemically degrading and physically disrupting the minerals, contributing to the process of weathering by which rocks are gradually turned into soil.

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la dominanza

è un concetto che personalmente vedo come molto interessante

a differenza del dominio, o del potere, non è il risultato di un processo di conquista, ma è il processo stesso

il conquistare in divenire
forza, intelletto, costanza, resistenza... diverse espressioni in cui è possibile esibire dominanza

ogni giorno va alimentata, è necessario allenarsi, è necessario coltivare sé stessi

it's funny to nyan from the office about beer, knowing that you have none next to you and you'll need to wait the night to sip on one...

fuck, not cool

aaah! and this is the best pilsner of Greece, btw
honestly, Motueca hop makes all the difference... intense bitterness for a lager, indeed, yet refreshing

my fave Greek IPA
a gr9 IPA, with a particular confier and citrus aroma.
a pity the brewery's owner has not disclosed to me the recipe...

what hops does this IPA feature?

oh well, I love it.

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My uncle just finished 1.6 kg, 700 pages long dictionary of Northern Sami, a language spoken by around 20,000 speakers.

Sami are an indigenous people who have inhabited large parts of Northern Europe spanning from Russia to Norway for millenniums.

He has dedicated his life to advocate for their rights and preserve their languages and culture. This book is a major contribution in an effort to ensure that this ancient language will be passed on to future generations.


такое здорово.
add it to your diet.

[here above you could see an infographic or a picture, if only my instance would allow me to upload it]

growing up can be painful
it is always worth it, though

take the pain and transform it into energy

@xolli ok, tried to upload an avatar from mobile. But now it's not working.

I mean, Wtf !

can you hear us?!


on I could upload an avatar pic (fuck I'll change it), but not a header.

only from mobile.

not cool.

@mewmew oh, you want an introduction right?

well, dunno... I'm a just a person trying to get to know new things, constantly

I like to learn, I like to share ideas and points of view

blobcat emoji is nice, too

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