"omg this girl looks 16" is something i hear way too often from people who are looking at a fully developed adult

tried some stuff with digital watercolours. really captures the scandinavian experience

i forgot i have this account sorry having to much fun on birdsite. y’all still great tho

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if you see a person teaching a kid about what it means to be transgender, just call the teacher a pedophile and you've instantly won. you have owned the trans agenda!!
iiiits #fridey, and that means as ever it's #comfyclub movie night at 21:15UTC over at https://stream.ihatebeinga.live/channels/floatingghost/

tonight, since it seems we're going through an 80s adventure film phase, we'll be watching waga seishun no arcadia

is it good? NO IDEA!
come watch anyhow maybe

'Top Gun' debuts fourth season with huge Kurt Angle energy during cuties

J. Cole has sold all his Apple products, and his staff are taking all of his emails seriously?

Gadgets are starting to look a lot smarter with Google Plus

Here's how a car collided with and killed my dad over Wi-Fi

joke: what's the best part of having sex with twenty one year olds?
punchline: there's twenty of em!
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