post generated by markov chain, may be weird 

this is generated code rather than something a person who has a pinned post that says im not familiar with sorry for bothering you :blobcatsurprised:

@GeroGyaru kodocon artist: i'm against antis because they harm real people for expressing harmless things

kodocon artist: little boy dicks are so hot 🥰 anyway i guess MAPs are real people but being a MAP is like so gross? so i should block them on sight and make my space as hostile to them as possible

kodocon artist: weird, why do i have no followers

kodocon creators: here's my art of a child being gangbanged. i'm glad there are no antis here to harass me
a minor-attracted person: i am aroused by this
kodocon creators: how DARE YOU

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the hypocrisy of people who post here and create kodocon content complaining about pedos/MAPs is as continually astounding as it is hilarious

like building a cat food factory and complaining when it attracts cats


i finally got banned from twitter
for saying the word "retard"
the french word for "delay"
because i was commenting on a photo from france of a box of long release xanax sold there
that said "xanax retard 2"

any human being would have easily read that and went "yeah this guy is not being insultingly ableist toward a box of xannies"
but humans havent moderated twitter for a good 5 years now. at least

anyway, im gonna try to be here more often now cuz of that. how u all been doin?

"omg this girl looks 16" is something i hear way too often from people who are looking at a fully developed adult

i forgot i have this account sorry having to much fun on birdsite. y’all still great tho

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if you see a person teaching a kid about what it means to be transgender, just call the teacher a pedophile and you've instantly won. you have owned the trans agenda!!
iiiits #fridey, and that means as ever it's #comfyclub movie night at 21:15UTC over at

tonight, since it seems we're going through an 80s adventure film phase, we'll be watching waga seishun no arcadia

is it good? NO IDEA!
come watch anyhow maybe

'Top Gun' debuts fourth season with huge Kurt Angle energy during cuties

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