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I know I've had an account on here for a while but I never actually used it. might be switching here, idk

if you don't already know me, I'm miro, I'm 20 now, nonbinary, computer science student because I feel like it. yes I use linux but I don't really care too much about it.

my main interests are just playing with my Rubik's cube and some other simple games like Minesweeper and Sudoku. maybe some Sonic games here as well.

I hope I can enjoy my time here, after a long hiatus

Why does it feel like every new thing I learn in college or my own free time gets to be put to use immediately.
Probably because I'm in a place where everyone talks about tech and nothing else, lol

okay personal assistant AI that doesn't track my data, how do I draw a cat?


hot take:
I don't think people should talk about how NFTs or any other kind of crypto is bad for the environment if they have no idea how crypto works.
If you genuinely don't know. Look up "proof of work"
And then look up "proof of stake" for an alternative.

Sure we can debate on which one is more reliable but one is definitely more environmentally friendly.

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well I guess Minecraft 1.18 Java edition crashes whenever I try to move around in the world. because Java (the runtime) uses 4 GB of memory really quickly
and I have 6 GB RAM

one thing I like about GIMP is how it can do everything that MS paint can do.. and more

I see people say they draw in MS paint or and they feel like they can't find an alternative to that in Linux. while GIMP is right there. and extremely powerful

why did I just spend 2 hours watching numberphile videos and doing rubik's cube solves but I barely did anything with my english final project

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it's just this thing people always tell me. "what do you want for christmas, miro? what do you want?"

NOTHING! I don't fucking need anything.

amazon cyber monday shenanigans 

so here's all the things recommended to me by Amazon:
1. speakers! (I already have 2. I actually didn't need one of them technically)

2. amazon echo devices! why not just use your search engine? like I don't get the hype of having a personal assistant when you can just use your fingers to do everything.

3. fire TV! apple TV! why not literally just watch prime video on your computer like a normal person? oh right, I have prime video. but I don't care about it at all. everyone just uses tiktok and youtube for entertainment.

4. maybe you want a new laptop? here's all the fancy new windows 11 lap- NO, STOP RIGHT THERE. I'm not buying a laptop unless if it runs linux. period.

5. want a new phone? No! the phone I have works great.

6. smartwatch? I literally fucking have a phone that tells me the time wherever I go. jfc

like I just go on Amazon and say "omg I need a fire tablet! it looks so fancy and high tech and I've always wanted a tablet!"

but you have a computer and a phone that can do literally 100% of the things that tablet can do. probably more.

like, *what actually do I need??*

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do you ever get this feeling that you just want some really cool and fancy tech for Cyber Monday, but then if you're thinking rationally, you already know that all the tech you currently have is more than enough for your needs?

wow I feel like I can have friends and have an online presence again.
feels good

imagine if I could just commission multiple artists to draw my characters

when I finish this semester I'm gonna learn vim

oh wait. should I learn emacs instead?


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Oh, you "don't have pronouns"? Good, more for me!

oh right I forgot that people can block me for things I say

DNI if you have actual real eyes and not fictional eyes

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