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Going to be migrating the server, hopefully downtime is less than an hour - fingers crossed!

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@BorGerman welcome to, feel free to ask if you have any questions! :bun:โ€‹

I should really moderate the timeline here more :blobsweats:โ€‹

e2fsck takes so long, which is why and (media) are down

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Can someone competent help me debug my Pleroma issue?

Since migrating the instance and database to the new server, posts have not been getting added to timelines or profiles, and therefore everything is stuck as it was five hours ago (when it was last online) except for notifications. oban_beats is currently at 38k items and rising, so I figure that is probably part of the issue.


cc @lain @feld @rin

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hey @toast can you hmu with that compiled rclone

For people who know about : how does postgres know what clusters exist / where they are located? Is there a list of them somewhere?

So, do I do this the easy way that might work, or the hard way that will definitely work but also take all day?

@koyu :blobcatreach:โ€‹ welcome! nice to see you here :ablobcatheart:โ€‹

@reitrace opinions on the changes I made in blobcatstodon?

Idea: emoji moderator role that gives people access to nothing but the ability to add emojis

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