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ethics of lolicon, long 

The real thing that annoys me is the argument "kids are unable to consent and since lolicon is artwork of kids that means that it's harmful".

It should be apparent that the whole point of statutory rape laws is a proxy for mental ability to consent - there are obviously people >18 who do not have the mental ability to consent and people <18 who do - but it's hard to judge that so having a strict definition can be easier to enforce.

Two thirteen year olds can willingly have sex, provided neither of them are under coercion. To argue otherwise is ageist and wrong. Of course, it would be difficult to prove that a recording of this event was not under coercion, and that the people in it honestly consented - and that is why it's illegal.

Given that lolicon is, by definition, fictional, it can be argued that all of the underage characters in lolicon are those that have the mental faculties that are necessary to consent, and therefore it is not porn of those who cannot consent.

So yes, this is absolutely about art and not about children being exploited. There is no lack of consent.

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also I don't even particularly like lewd loli artwork, there's a big difference between liking something and thinking it's harmful to the point of banning it

oh well

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> an issue about censoring art is inherently not about art

ok then :blobcatreading:

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is a fork of (in particular, glitch-soc) that adds and changes many features that the developers are unwilling to do.

Current changes:
* accepts likes on remote posts (so like counts are more accurate, and more posts make it to the instance)
* higher emoji size limit (500k)
* media blocks don't block account avatars
* various text changes (toot --> nyan), WIP

Code is hosted at and the main developer is @mewmew

Please comment with any suggestions you have! Blobcatstodon is currently running on and

the favicon lottie made is pretty cute imo

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What's the best way to set a custom favicon on ?


I think is winning the so far, since most of the attacks against him are things that are obviously false ("you want to take away 150 million healthcare plans ree")

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in other news, the domain now has media rejected due to allowing questionable content (in particular, CGI underage nudity)

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yay that worked

avatars still show from instances with media rejected now which should make media blocks far less ugly

Bot accounts are allowed, as long as they post unlisted (and don't annoy people by jumping into their mentions randomly)

This instance probably isn't big enough to warrant a separate admin account so I'll just use for announcements

Can someone on Pleroma try sending me a .gif? (not a webm, actually a .gif)

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