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Hewwo der, I'm Alkho and here's some artwork by me UwU
An OC of mine known as Subcomandante Sol

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Hello! I'm Flor, a visual artist πŸ““β€‹
Here is some of my work for you to see and I'll upload some of my drawngs and art ❀️​

@Vxutux (somewhat late) welcome :ablobcatwave:​

hope you are enjoying so far

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@Nya thank goodness I have my laptop on me

@Rimekakki when .fox becomes a domain you can buy :blobfoxthinkowo:​

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First time here! How's everyone? I really hope I get to know real good peopleβ™₯️

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I need some people to follow and to follow me. I like and . I also shitpost a decent amount.

@andzcliv3 hey, welcome! feel free to ask any questions :ablobcatrave:​

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