the favicon lottie made is pretty cute imo

@mono @moonman the server isn't fetching anything, the statuses are being sent to the server from the remote instance.

@vvelox @feld @kick @xj9 no, I'm not. I'm suggesting everyone gets the same representation.

You could make this same argument for overrepresenting anyone "You are suggesting that black people's voices should be silenced just because they aren't white, which is why black people should have 5x representation to balance things out" it's a bad disingenuous argument and you know it. 20% is a huge percentage of the electorate and more than enough to get noticed.

@vvelox @feld @kick @xj9 why should people in urban areas get less of a say than those in rural ones? It wouldn't be undue influence, it'd be equal influence.

@moonman I guess that could be useful but that would also involve messing with users' following lists or silently dropping posts neither of which are ideal.

@moonman oh... I guess I don't see what the purpose would be

@kick @feld @xj9 even if he did predict it, it would look bad if he didn't support Clinton and kill his chances of winning in the long run since many Clinton supporters would blame him for Trump's victory

@kick (also I'm very curious about what this account was :blobcatthinkOwO:)

@kick @feld @xj9 I predicted it too (alongside Brexit) but that doesn't mean that most people did.

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@feld @kick @xj9 yes, and that's why I think Bernie is the best pick here

@kick @feld @xj9 we can see that in hindsight since Trump won, but looking at it from his perspective in 2016 that doesn't make much sense.

@xj9 @feld what was his other option?

In hindsight there wasn't a chance to beat Trump but that wasn't obvious at the time.

@xj9 @feld not really. He didn't have any chance of winning the presidency after the convention, and he realized that Trump would be a worse president than Clinton, so his hand was forced. I actually respect that he chose to support Clinton instead of spitefully supporting Trump.

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