@me yes indeed

are you still under quarantine in China? or has that ended.

@a_breakin_glass yeah, the host is doing some maintenance. I am planning on migrating to someone else in the near future for that reason.

blob.cat is down for a few minutes I guess :blobcatsad:​ (which also means images for this instance are down)

@fortewily Seems decent, don't use it personally though.

@Aurora_Tempest Hello and welcome to busshi.moe! Feel free to mention me if you have any questions/suggestions/just want to talk. :blobcatreach:

Sorry for the downtime, host had issues but they are resolved now

@linkheofficial hello and welcome to busshi.moe! feel free to ask me if you have any questions

re: CWs 

re: CWs 

re: instance block 

re: instance block 

re: instance block 

@a yeah I wanted there to be a not-bad Mastodon instance so I made one

Yep trends are definitely broken, they have been the same for over a week :blobcatthinkingglare:

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