@GabeyCow @Agni @cinnamoncookiedough @miro2 @necro @Snow @sylveon @sylveon @realcaseyrollins @Jain @Snow @promethea @ezist @stux @necromqncer@nnia.space @weiterhaktaket @Nya @shymess @sylveon @sylveon @snow@wintermute.fr.to making hellthreads to stir up cancel mobs against users isn't acceptable here. If there is real evidence miro has abused children, fine - but screenshots can be faked and taken out of context.

Given that this is the sole purpose of your account, I'm inclined to think you're not acting in good faith

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Hello! I'm new to this instance and to Mastodon. Would like to know what exactly a federation is and what being on this site is like (=^_^=)

@georgia no I was trying to test if the relay worked - it didn't

this is another test post, please don't interact with it in any way

@absturztaube hmm, I wonder if this showed up before the reply

@xius it is indeed alive :bun:​ (sorry, a bit late to reply to new people tho)

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Hewwo der, I'm Alkho and here's some artwork by me UwU
An OC of mine known as Subcomandante Sol

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Hello! I'm Flor, a visual artist 📓​
Here is some of my work for you to see and I'll upload some of my drawngs and art ❤️​


@Vxutux (somewhat late) welcome :ablobcatwave:

hope you are enjoying so far

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