Is there really no way to rename/delete emoji categories?

What's the best way to set a custom favicon on ?

I can't figure out a reason why Mastodon doesn't transcode remote GIF's, but for some reason it doesn't. Seems like a bug. looks like it handles both local and remote media attachments, and I don't see it singling out local media for GIF transcoding only

Hey admins, do you like your media backups to take hundreds of gigabytes? If not, maybe consider supporting this issue:

why you gotta do me like that

the queue is only going up even after I fixed the underlying problem

is there really no way to set a custom directory for Mastodon media storage?

(I feel like I'm missing something obvious)

PSA: animated emojis DO work on Mastodon, but you must enable "Auto-play animated GIFs" in settings. I am unsure if there's a way to turn this on by default, but I'd definitely like to

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