Now I need some help categorizing all the emojis I added :meowpuffytears:

@mewmew that's easy!

:comfyuwu: -> comfys
everything else -> not confys

@daisuke but what about :blobfoxcomfy:? it's a :blobfox:​ but it's also comfy :bkthink:

@mewmew give them numbers like borgs 7 of 9, 3 of 5 etc etc

@a7 @mewmew

It's been 20+ years and I STILL can't figure out the math behind 7 of 9 = 10/10.

@a7 @nerdman @mewmew Did you see that Trek parody from way back where Dr. Crusher starts going out the Borg?

@niggaflamebuttholeaids @a7 @mewmew

So the borg adapted to seducing Crusher after absorbing Piccard from just one hour?


@mewmew maybe faces vs symbols would be a good start?

@wolf480pl maybe. but what I currently have are the following. they can't be nested.

@wolf480pl also you can't delete or rename emoji categories :blobglarepolice:

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