what emojis should I add here? :blobpeek:

@mewmew I didn't that once and uh

it was a lot to handle and then later find the emoji you want

@mewmew @kazuma I think its an old unicode emoji, during the "odd blob" years.

@mewmew ghouls. They are litteraly purple blobcats :BlobCatCoffee:

@Purrplenekoboi hmm... tempted to add every emoji from there :blob3c:

@mewmew Tho the purpose for an emoji limit is so people don't get to the trap of too much decisions :blobcatsip:

@mewmew the most essential emojo is :joker_smile: and i can't believe bleromer doesn't come pre-packaged with it
@mewmew @tuxcrafting tux after realizing joker_smile isn't on busshi: :joker_disapprove:

tux after joker_smile was added: :joker_smile:
@nosleep @mewmew pleroma dropped pre-packaged finmoji, i'm not surprised.

@mewmew hackerman letters.

But I don't know where to get them from... :/

@mewmew @wolf480pl
like, in a post, or do you want me to prepare a nice file with direct links to the pictures, one per line?

@wolf480pl @wolf480pl just in a post. masto makes it easy to copy emojis it knows about from other instances.

@wolf480pl @mewmew so you just click something in mastodon and bam! all the emoji imported?

@wolf480pl @wolf480pl pretty much. On my phone now, when I get back to my computer I can import them

@dielan I like 'em. Is that all of the cacodemons?

@mewmew so far

There's probably a few transparent pngs on my phone ripe for converting I just haven't asked moonman yet

Shina Mayuri from Steins;Gate (kinda like the one Niu used to have.

OS logos (i.e. Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch)

@easthighNerd good ideas. Could you send an example of the Niu ones you want me to add?

I'll see if I can find the Mayushii one they had, as well as any old screenshots I have of the OS logos they used.

Niu removed them a while back, so it may take me a bit to find them

@easthighNerd ah, cool. If you find them on any other instances I can probably get them from there also.

It looks like has the OS emoji.

Still looking for somewhere with the Mayushii emoji

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