I can say that unless you have a large influx from the start (say, from Twitter) it's very had to grow and maintain a healthy Mastodon instance community, much harder than a Pleroma instance.

Probably because the local timeline doesn't include replies.

@mewmew This seems like weird and counterproductive behavior. Not everyone wants to use TWKN to scour users to follow and not everyone already has users to follow when they join an instance, seeing who people reply to on the local timeline and going off of that is often the best option in a lot of cases

@allison it's because Mastodon wanted to look like Twitter I think which doesn't usually show replies in timelines.

I don't get it either.

@mewmew Can't wait until they start replicating the ghost RTs that favorites accrue like on Twitter, that'll be real fun
@mewmew that being said, part of me wonders if that's forkable... i don't have enough knowledge in that regard

@mewmew @allison
Most likely because of twitter, that has a nasty tendency to accelerate floods of a subject. Which is both good and bad, good when it's benign responses, bad when it's you usually a shitstorm and twitter tends to get the latter more than the former.

Twitter use to show replies which over the last few years has turned into the plauge, so they only do that now based on relation (if you follow a person or not) and it's somewhat randomized what it does show.

Mastodon, using that as a model, likely just doesn't do it full stop because Twitter have proven that it's more of a costly than it is worth.

@fortewily @allison that makes sense, that is the reason it doesn't support quote-retweeting after all.

I have seen Pleroma showing replies in timelines occasionally be a problem :blobcatshrug:​ so I can understand both sides here I guess

@mewmew @allison
Also keep in mind that Pleroma tend to be alot like GNU Social, moderation isn't quite a thing on those instances.

And you know how the anime community can REALLY go ham sometimes.

@mewmew wait, is this an obvious joke I'm missing? Pretty sure I see replies in the timeline, and there's even a setting for it.

@dave you only see replies to those you follow, not in general. Or maybe Alex changed it for your instance.

@dave @mewmew
>In the home timeline when you followed the one who posted the reply;
>It is modifiable to the admin so you can see it in the public timeline after the modifying; :blobthinkingglare:​

@mewmew nah, just opened my 15 fedi accounts on different tabs of my browser... :blobthinkingglare:​

@mewmew That is something of a shame because I am not a fan of Pleroma's UI as customization as it is. It's just generally hard to read.

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