Gonna be testing some changes to blobcatstodon, hope nobody minds

@mewmew Neat, curious to see how that actually works vs how it is now.

@shebang @mewmew

That would be nice if it worked.

Something else that would be nice is if retoot/boost behavior had a setting to operate more similarly to how it does on the birdsite.

Specifically, on the birdsite it lets you know when someone retoots or likes something you retooted. Additionally, if they click to reply, by default it also replies to you as well, so you can see what they have to say.

The way it is now I have to wonder if everyone hates my retoots, because it's a PITA to go back and try to manually figure out who might have liked or retooted something I retooted.


i mind

it's time for our catboy-master bonding session and this is the second time this week you've ghosted on me
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