@lottev putting emojis next to each other without a space, doesn't work in vanilla Mastodon

@lottev no screw glitchsoc they don't support this

@mewmew @lottev did you hack up a fix for the glitch UI or are notifications still bugged?

@Alumina @lottev not yet because I have no clue what the issue is :blobcatgoogly:

@mewmew lol your server is crazy slow. Do you need a better hosting?

@Nonetrix @mewmew No, the counter measures local rendering time, not signal propagation delay.

@mewmew @0x00 Wow, always nice when REMOVING code actually makes the software better. Can you imagine someone actually putting time in creating that regex just to make it work LESS good?

@ilja @0x00 yeah... sad really. It intentionally didn't match something like a:blobcat:a or :blobcat::blobcat: but I cannot figure out the reason why

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