Bot accounts are allowed, as long as they post unlisted (and don't annoy people by jumping into their mentions randomly)

This instance probably isn't big enough to warrant a separate admin account so I'll just use for announcements

Can someone on Pleroma try sending me a .gif? (not a webm, actually a .gif)

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changing the s3 credentials surprisingly worked (and I didn't need to wait long to test it due to @sjw's high rate of image posting)

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Should I upload some Plague Inc gameplay to PeerTube? I'm tempted...

hello @test1234, welcome to and feel free to ping me if you have any questions/concerns!

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@mewmew @0x00 Wow, always nice when REMOVING code actually makes the software better. Can you imagine someone actually putting time in creating that regex just to make it work LESS good?
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