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we need to retake the term qt from the C++ monstrosity that is Qt

I wonder if Bloomberg has paid any Fediverse influencers to make memes yet.

I can say that unless you have a large influx from the start (say, from Twitter) it's very had to grow and maintain a healthy Mastodon instance community, much harder than a Pleroma instance.

Probably because the local timeline doesn't include replies.

Yay it works - likes are now properly federated to all followers, as well as properly receiving likes from remote instances

cc @shebang @alex

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Gonna be testing some changes to blobcatstodon, hope nobody minds

ethics of lolicon, long 

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also I don't even particularly like lewd loli artwork, there's a big difference between liking something and thinking it's harmful to the point of banning it

oh well

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> an issue about censoring art is inherently not about art

ok then :blobcatreading:​

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is a fork of (in particular, glitch-soc) that adds and changes many features that the developers are unwilling to do.

Current changes:
* accepts likes on remote posts (so like counts are more accurate, and more posts make it to the instance)
* higher emoji size limit (500k)
* media blocks don't block account avatars
* various text changes (toot --> nyan), WIP

Code is hosted at and the main developer is @mewmew

Please comment with any suggestions you have! Blobcatstodon is currently running on and

the favicon lottie made is pretty cute imo

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What's the best way to set a custom favicon on ?

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