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First time here! How's everyone? I really hope I get to know real good people♥️

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I need some people to follow and to follow me. I like and . I also shitpost a decent amount.

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Helloooo , I am a new user to Mastodon and it would be cool if someone tells me more about it ! 👍​

I need to check reports here more - toast is doing too much of the work and I feel bad about it...

Wow, many new users here - welcome everyone! :blobcatpeek: feel free to ask me any questions.

I am curious, was there an event that caused many people to migrate here?

It seems like is the instance a lot of people like making private accounts on :bolbpeekpeek:

Is there really no way to rename/delete emoji categories?

If anyone on the Fediverse actually falls for those sex service spambots I am deeply disappointed in you

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