is down for a few minutes I guess :blobcatsad:​ (which also means images for this instance are down)

@Aurora_Tempest Hello and welcome to! Feel free to mention me if you have any questions/suggestions/just want to talk. :blobcatreach:

Sorry for the downtime, host had issues but they are resolved now

@linkheofficial hello and welcome to! feel free to ask me if you have any questions

Yep trends are definitely broken, they have been the same for over a week :blobcatthinkingglare:

@reitrace opinions on the changes I made in blobcatstodon?

Idea: emoji moderator role that gives people access to nothing but the ability to add emojis

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we need to retake the term qt from the C++ monstrosity that is Qt

I wonder if Bloomberg has paid any Fediverse influencers to make memes yet.

I can say that unless you have a large influx from the start (say, from Twitter) it's very had to grow and maintain a healthy Mastodon instance community, much harder than a Pleroma instance.

Probably because the local timeline doesn't include replies.

Yay it works - likes are now properly federated to all followers, as well as properly receiving likes from remote instances

cc @shebang @alex

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