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I still need a banner for this account also

main problem:

The "media unavailable" marker is really annoying IMO, I don't like using it.

I could silence the instance, but that still doesn't solve NSFW profile pictures and banners.

interestingly, my instance knows 229 accounts from smugloli

I didn't even realize the instance was that big

(for reference: this instance only knows 214 accounts from niu)

Mastodon doesn't let you mark an instance's media as NSFW or remove all profile pics which is very annoying

the Mastodon emoji size limit is kinda annoying

@ily how do you manage to stay somewhat sane while running multiple Mastodon instances? (just one is already somewhat hard for me :blobcatnervous:)

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Mastodon makes it too easy to boost something so if I boost something weird that's probably why

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By joining this instance you hereby forfeit the ownership of your soul to me.

question for artists: what is your opinion on ?

btw, importing my follows here from @mewmew again

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tbh just totally killed image bots

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