i'm not screaming
i'm not screaming
i'm not screaming


i mean if you're fine with using pleroma then of course this doesn't apply to you, but i see so many former niu users struggle with pleroma and i'm just here like "you could've avoided this by joining busshi"

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it surprises me how many niu users went to pleroma instances rather than here, even if they don't actually like pleroma all that much. i hope they do know that this place exists.

there ya go, bc apparently busshi is an "art instance now"

thanks gargron

@mewmew and i don't care whether or not it's on by default, but having the option would be very nice. it makes my TL livelier, and is part of the reason i prefer pleroma overall

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@mewmew idk if i've asked this already, but is it possible to fork an option for a pleroma-style TL into blobcatstodon? as in, seeing every possible convo from people you follow on the TL?

i know mastodon prevents that by default, but i wonder if this can be changed/amended/added to the code

blobcatstodon more like chadstodon

having an option for a pleroma-like TL would be cool too

the coming week i'm free so i'll probably work on [thing] again

welcome to the busshi.moe rainbow party

everyone is invited, pls enjoy your stay

@mewmew tfw wanted to have a glitchsoc party but can't bc no rainbow kitties

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where are my rave/rainbow party blobcats @mewmew

inb4 too big for masto sobs 0/10

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