welcome to the busshi.moe rainbow party

everyone is invited, pls enjoy your stay

@mewmew tfw wanted to have a glitchsoc party but can't bc no rainbow kitties

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where are my rave/rainbow party blobcats @mewmew

inb4 too big for masto sobs 0/10

same with my old alts, i mostly see them as stepping stones now (or as alts for when my instance is borked again)

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part of me wants to turn this into a meta account but it's already a shitpost account so iunno

another part of me doesn't rly feel like changing for other people though

and no i'm not using misskey for that

as much as i personally am Not A Big Fan of mastodon, i don't think i'll be leaving busshi anytime soon. it's too much fun to shitpost on it


i do wanna make that banner tbh, i've just truly been immensely busy. maybe sometime this week or the next when i find time to draw again

hewoo is this mastodong dot social i wanna speak to the manager

WAIT SHIT i didn't see that, was too focused on the fact veenus got cancelled

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