the initial push for the internet came from the state and from academia. but the market innovated such now-ubiquitous features as 'every page taking forever to load' and 'half of it going down for no reason'

Another Facebook data export graph, this time with some different colors:

Output of a script I'm working on to graph the account data from my old Facebook account

A crosstitch of Kirby fishing, based on the opening screen to the Float Islands level of Kirby's Dreamland / Spring Breeze

you are required to leave this playing for the rest of the day

Let's upgrade and migrate each production database at the same time, nothing can possibly go wrong!

Extra: EOL is just a number

I really like your website , so much so I styled my own based on it: .

I was curious, how do you host your set of services? Right now I use docker and docker-compose, but I eventually want to also host stuff like gitea and pleroma like you do.

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