Pros and cons of having two cellphones.

Pros: if you lose one, you can call using the other to find the lost one.

Cons: probability of losing at least one of them is almost twice as high.

Git resembles me bizarre version of Lights Out game.

There are lights named "current head", "working tree", "staging area", "commit tree", "remote refs", etc., and a bunch of commands each of them flips some of the lights (but never just one, that would be too easy), and your goal is to figure out the right combination of commands to use.

E.g. git switch touches working tree and current head; git pull touches commit tree, remote refs, and working tree; git reset touches current head and staging area; and so on.

Yay, my project got into an awesome list!
(I didn't have audacity to add it myself, someone else did it)

$ cat file
$ base64 -d file
x���ubase64: invalid input

TIL this base64 lookalike is actually an alternative base64 encoding as defined in RFC 4648. It could be decoded with tr _- /+ | base64 -d.

TFW the largest section in your software manual page is BUGS.

tired: TOR user
wired: CAPTCHA challenged person

A font idea: Tofu Sans in which every glyph is a tofu.

Call me heretic, but I'm editing my emacs config with vim.

Tired: dynamic linking
Wired: static linking
Inspired: use dynamic linking but pin to exact library build. Recompile the app on every minor library update.

Pro tip: you can rename private chats in [matrix]. The other person will see the name too. Set the name that you both use to call each other.

If there were imperial system for units of data (instead of e.g. megabytes), what would it be?

I love how the message composer prompts you with "What is on your mind?" placeholder and you type some dumb shit in it. Like, this is exactly what is on my mind, thanks for asking.

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