Call me heretic, but I'm editing my emacs config with vim.

Tired: dynamic linking
Wired: static linking
Inspired: use dynamic linking but pin to exact library build. Recompile the app on every minor library update.

Pro tip: you can rename private chats in [matrix]. The other person will see the name too. Set the name that you both use to call each other.

If there were imperial system for units of data (instead of e.g. megabytes), what would it be?

I love how the message composer prompts you with "What is on your mind?" placeholder and you type some dumb shit in it. Like, this is exactly what is on my mind, thanks for asking.

What if we make 👏 an whitespace character in the shell?


Добро пожаловать. Добро пожаловать в Россию 2024. Сами вы его выбрали, или его выбрали за вас, это лучший кандидат из оставшихся.

In git, I name the upstream remote as "origin" (it's the default), and my fork remote as "my". Thus, I refer to the default branch in my fork as my/master.

Banned for participating in "banned for" meme.

A self-hosted compiler idea:
Do not specify function parameters evaluation order in the compiler source code.
Let it be inherited from a compiler that compiles the compiler itself.
This way, it is be possible to have two compilers with different semantics, both based on the same source code, and both passing the bootstrap test.

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