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Some otaku antifa that's not against lolicons wanting a mutual?

(If you don't even know what is lolicon, it's better don't follow me and neither search about this)

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Gotta love Healin' Good for making sure Nodoka learns from her mistakes!!! Didn't think the episode would end with Nodoka realizing she was in the wrong for most of the fight!!!

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✨Day 17✨

Can we all agree that Hinata has some great facial expressions in Healin' Good???

RT @OshieteHibiki
✨Day 18✨

Even when she isn't pulling a fun expression, she's great!!!

RT @OshieteHibiki
Saw the 1st episode of Mewkle Dreamy and why do I have a feeling it's going to be Precure's new rival, especially for Healin' Good???

Anyway, it was a decent 1st episode imo. I'm not sure if I'll watch the whole show but Yume is cute and the ED is a bop!

RT @bolsoregrets
Sabe aqueles velhos que já estão senis, passam o dia dormindo e de repente acordam e gritam alguma coisa que só tem sentido na cabeça deles? (Eu trabalho com vários todos os dias)


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23h00: meu cérebro: dorme cedo hj, Draco!

02h18: meu cérebro: acabei de ter uma inspiração e vc não vai conseguir dormir se não, pelo menos, esboçar...


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