finished world 3 of despite feeling like someone is crushing my uterus & pelvic region in a vice

shout out to for the constant reminders of how unfit I am!

I am working on building the habit of playing every other day now that the bathroom has finished being renovated

hopefully I will start to lose some of my chub and become healthier!

tabletop simulator is pretty fun, but it can be challenging when you have social anxiety & an inferiority complex

I have to constantly remind myself that people aren't deliberately ignoring me - they may genuinely not have heard what I said

it's just tough I guess. I am always hyper aware of people not paying attention to me, and my reaction to that is often to give up & stop talking

last night I was wondering if my dislike of Ricky Gervais was unfounded, so I checked out his stand-up called Humanity on Netflix

it opened with a transphobic joke, he seemed to accept that what he did was wrong, and then he carried on being transphobic??

this went on for 15 minutes and then I realized this must have been his whole "shtick" and I realized I couldn't take it anymore

it's not cool to be transphobic. just be kind to people? it's so easy?

imagine having the energy to play videogames

even struggling to commit to playing enough to get the event 3-star ;w;

about the only 'gaming I can manage is autofarming for exp/materials in and that's predominantly because it involves no real involvement on my part

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