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Next live stream: Free and Open Education with Pine64 and elementary OS

Weโ€™ll be joined by Nicolas Vivant, CIO of the city of Fontaine, who oversaw the deployment of 200+ elementary OS PCs and Debian servers in schools. Our other guests are Cassidy James Blaede (elementary OS), Lukasz Erecinski (Pine64), and Pernille Tranberg (Data Ethics EU).

Thursday, Jan 14, 2021 โ€“ 5PM Cork (UTC +0) / 12PM NY (UTC -5) / 9AM SF (UTC -8)


#kotorico #cat


#ใ“ใ˜ใพใ•ใ•ใ’ #cat

BlitzGreymon and Tsunomon were snuggled up together last night and it was so cute!

Good morning everyone! I just woke up, what's happening -


OK, here's a picture of my cat.


Source: Cheerful Amnesia Vol. 5 Chapter 33; Translation by Cyan Steam

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