Hello! I'm new to this instance and to Mastodon. Would like to know what exactly a federation is and what being on this site is like (=^_^=)


The best example of federation I can think of is email. How you can communicate with someone using a different provider (server) than the one you're using (i.e. you, using Hotmail, can communicate with someone using Yahoo or Gmail.)

As far as this instance, it's really nice! It's really comfy, everyone is pretty nice, and it's just a fun place!

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@easthighNerd so you're able to communicate with people in other instances as long as you have an account with an instance, like email providers? That makes sense, thank you! And hopefully this is a nice instance :D

@yourlocalimouto @easthighNerd
if you want to start your own place you can also do that for a relatively low price and minimal understanding in coding

that aside there are some big instances that you might want to know about, since they could give context as to what you can expect

@Elfie which languages would you use to create your own instance? Also, could you perhaps link to the big instances?

I have no idea :brainlet: but you can ask the head admin of https://freespeechextremist.com/about ask P, he's been helping people who want to start instances


use this site for exploring the fediverse, play with the filters.
as it stands there are two sides, the Mastodon software side and Pleroma software side

Mastodon instances are mainly known for being similar to Twitter, in the sense that they hate everyone and everything that doesn't obey to big tech or popular narratives (BLM, feminism, lgtbq, etc.) with some exceptions.
I know, it's a decentralised service that advocates against itself... it just how it be :02_shrug:

the pleroma side is more known for it's ease to use and freedom of speech.


all the instances starting from number 3 are pretty comfy, depends on the content you're comfortable with really

@TheMadPirate @Elfie thanks to the both of you, I'll check these out when I can

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