Hooked up a third computer monitor yesterday 

It's a 15" ViewSonic E70 CRT monitor

This cat can finally go outside. She's enjoying her new house

#kotorico #cat

#kotorico #cat

=Which do you like most?=
:blobcat: OR :blobfoxhappy:
(Boost ๐Ÿ” for more accurate results :blobfoxcatsnuggle:)

NEW EMOJIS!!! Dango from Clannad!

:dango_aroundtheworld: :dango_awkward: :dango_bedtimestory: :dango_blush: :dango_cheerful: :dango_cry: :dango_dirty: :dango_dizzy: :dango_excited: :dango_exclamation: :dango_eyeclosed: :dango_flirt: :dango_forshame: :dango_GIANT: :dango_glance: :dango_grumpy: :dango_happy: :dango_hiding: :dango_hm: :dango_hmm: :dango_HUH: :dango_joy: :dango_kaching: :dango_melting: :dango_no: :dango_OK: :dango_shock: :dango_shy: :dango_sigh: :dango_sleeping: :dango_stressed: :dango_sun: :dango_sunset: :dango_superembarrassed: :dango_surprised: :dango_terror: :dango_vibrating: :dango_wink: :dango_worry: :dangolove:

Thank you for providing sources, @Lumeinshin !

To install on pleroma with mix: cd /opt/pleroma sudo -Hu pleroma MIX_ENV=prod mix pleroma.emoji get-packs dangos -m https://udongein.xyz/emoji-page/manifest.json

Source archive: https://udongein.xyz/emoji-page/dangos/dangos.zip

My emojis page with other stuff I host: https://udongein.xyz/emoji-page/

Just did another reinstall, this time without FDE.

System still not reaching GRUB after rebooting from first boot

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Developers and testers, itโ€™s the day youโ€™ve been waiting for: elementary OS 6 Beta is available now! Read our announcement to find out more about the beta process as well as whatโ€™s new for you in this outstanding upcoming release. blog.elementary.io/elementary-

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