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i can write my novel on here
well id probably write it on my main but still

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WOOOOO 25000 characters FUCK YEAH

oh wow look at this my main account is at the top of fediverse user directory on here

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we're listed on! :blobderpyhappy:

under "art" though for some reason

i will still never get used to tootsuite tbh

anyone who does not obey this executive order will be executed
people who cant follow rules are not allowed here

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this is now officially an art instance according to joinmastodon
everyone post art

just arrived at again
also lol tootsuite not glitch

3 different instances
two of which are my own

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i got 3 fedi tabs open right now
beat that

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my favorite hobby is shooting men and throwing them out of planes
ive gotten really accurate with my throws
its a game we used to play back at the agency

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my mother came by my office in langley today
she told me that i should stop throwing dead people out of planes
especially on her house
jokes on her
im in charge here i throw bodies and crash planes as i please

oh cool my main finally updated on here

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