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In these times it's easy to become engrossed in something and forget to listen to your body. When it's meal time but you don't feel hungry, try a few bites anyway. If you still don't feel like eating, try later. But more often than not, it whets my appetite for food.

The hardest part about watching seasonal anime, is having to say goodbye to the characters and the worlds of those seasonals cause

in a span of 3 months, they've become familiar :blobimfine:

I saw Itachi fanart the other day and it felt a little weird cause

my intense love for Itachi is no more, it's subdued, it's :veethink:

Taken from an old book knocking around in my house

Naturally I thought of Housekishou Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei :blobnerd:

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City of Jewels

Ratnapura, in Sri Lanka is known as the 'City of Jewels' because of the amazing variety of gems found there.

These include sapphires, diamonds and rubies

It is inspired by a Chinese idiom: δΊ•εΊ•δΉ‹θ›™ (can be directly translated to something like a frog under a well or something...)
The idiom is to mock those people with narrow vision, and low acceptance towards new opinions and perspectives. :blob3c:​

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