@guresuke YW, Didn't see them actually, I haven't seen my TL in a few days, will check soon.

@Guresuke That's even more heartbreaking. :abunhdsadpat:

Though it may not be much consolation to you right now, you can listen to their music as a band whenever you want, they breaking up can't take away those precious songs from you.

@Guresuke I thought so too, neither Guinea pig wanted to give up what they were eating :blobevillaugh: :blobcatderpy:

@Guresuke Aww that's cool, love that former co-workers of yours! How are they doing? :blobopenmouth:

@Guresuke Good to hear :blobnwn:

Perhaps you were distracted by something else at the time or weren't in the mood for it :blobderpy:

@guresuke I'm noticing the trend. Despite what you may think of your work, you always do a fantastic job in my eyes :blobcataww:

@Rimekakki Don't mention it, your efforts must be applauded :blobocheer:

I look forward to hearing about how it goes, should you wish to share.

@Rimekakki It's annoying that it takes trial and error to find the right medication.

Hope you can schedule an appointment with your doctor soon and discuss where you can go from here.

I feel you but when it's all said and done we can only change how we feel about our past and try to do better :bkcmereyou:

@Guresuke Aww it's rough whenever a show you like comes to an end :blobpain:

Will there be a second season?

@Guresuke That reminds me, it thundered here last week, made me so damn happy :blobinlove:

@guresuke I thought you drew something really wicked until I read the comments on this post :blobderpy:

@Guresuke You're the experienced drinker in the room lol, so I take your word on that :blobgiggle:

@Guresuke Oh, you don't mention VNs too often ~ Did you have fun playing it? :blobcatopenmouth:

@Rimekakki I hope the dizziness doesn't last long :blobcathug:

Dizziness aside, are the meds working well? I hope so!

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