@Guresuke You wanted to know if Richard says 'good for you' in the anime :blobopenmouth:

@Guresuke I'm not sure I understood the question correctly.

Are you asking if people say 'good for you' in real life? :blobnerd:

@Guresuke Then yes, it's a phrase people use IRL.

I usually use it when I'm being sarcastic, condescending or uninterested in the subject someone is talking about for e.g

A random celebrity reports,'I bought a mansion, 3 cars and a helicopter yesterday.'

Me: good for you (I don't care) :blobderpy:

However if you suceeded at something, I can go, 'congrats, good for you' for I'm happy about your achievement/sucess :blobokhand:

@Shouto I got it! Thanks for the easy description, Raizel-sensei! :blobfoxaww:

@Guresuke *uninterested in the subject/topic of discussion

Glad you understood it, don't mention it Gre hehe :blabcat:

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