re: Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken Ep 40 

Not only did Maam physically save Hyunckel but she saved his heart, stopping from turning to the dark side and helped him to embrace the light which allowed him to use his late's masters technique at long last.

Hyunckel has always been weak to Maam tears. Waaa these two are so cute, I can't :blobsob:โ€‹ :blobheart:โ€‹ :blobkissheart:โ€‹

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re: Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken Ep 40 

What I really loved the most, was the Maam x Hyunckel moments, I ship these two hard and was pleased with how their reunion panned out. :blobcouple:โ€‹

Maam's face lit up when she first saw him, and Hyunckel commented that she looked well. and there would be time for reminiscing later :blobkissblush:โ€‹

But even better Maam saved him, doing a complete role reversal, swooping down to catch him, holding him bridal style. This anime is trying to kill me :blobmeltblush:โ€‹

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Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken Ep 40 

LOL I say this about every DQ episode but it keeps getting better and better, there were so many good moments, including shippy ones that left me a squeeing mess :blobmeltsoblove:โ€‹

Hyunckel returned and saved the party, snipping at Popp who always takes the bait , their dynamic amuses me. :blobamused:โ€‹

NGL, I don't like the childhood friends trope at all but I can make these 2 an exception. I'm glad they finally made up. :blobsmilehappyeyes:โ€‹

Why is he so pretty? He reminds me of Yu Yu Hakusho's: Kurama :meowquestion:โ€‹

I loved seeing him kick ass too :blobhearteyes:โ€‹

As of last Sunday, I''ve been slowly watching Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love, basically a fun and silly magical boy anime :blobcatmelt:โ€‹

The fanservice in ep 7 was great :blobcathappy:โ€‹

re: Re-Main Ep 1 

How in the hell are those guys in the swim suits middleschoolers?

I feel bad for the MC being hounded down by his kouhai and teacher? I think they're being too unreasonable to someone who's amnesiac and has been in a coma.

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Re-Main Ep 1 

RE- Main didn't have a bad first ep. The MC's family seems rather realistic and are still traumatised by the car accident that landed MC in coma.

However MC is a little too upbeat and doesn't seem broken up by not remembering the past 3 years of high life.

Ai makes Juka blush often, I think I have myself a new BL ship :blobsnuggle:โ€‹

On another note, I don't think I trust the faerie queen and her servant is also questionable .It seems as if he would betray her in the future.

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Juka's the cutest fairy of the bunch and I love TFT Ai tried to help him out on the attachment mission but Juka refused it, opting to do on it his own, believing in himself :blobcatheadphones:โ€‹ :blobcatheart:โ€‹

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LOL I love how Ai never quite reads the mood of the room, failing to notice when the Fire and Water fairy are fighting. Juka tries his best do damage control :blobpats:โ€‹

Oh it's cute how everyone shares the same bed if we call the creature a bed in this case :blobsmilehappyeyes:โ€‹

I'm still wondering exactly what is this creature? It's so cute how he fed the light faerie! I'd like to have him as a pet :blobheart:โ€‹

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