Yuukoku no Moriarty Ep 2 

While watching Yuukoku no Moriarty, I keep telling myself that I was glad to not be born into the Victoria Era.

Ikeburo West Gate Park Ep 3 

IWGP keeps getting better with each ep, fleshing out more of Mokota's and King's characters, as well as showing us more of the inner workings of the G-Boys Gang. :blobokhand:โ€‹

I lost it when King flipped the hammer in the air, caught it and aimed at the delinquent's head - you can't fuck with him or his gang and get away with it :pblobeyesdown:โ€‹ :blobevillaugh:โ€‹

Enen no Shoboutai 16 

The overly long jokes and annoying pauses interspersed throughout the ep ruined this week's installment for Enen no Shouboutai for me.

I just wanted them to get on with the battle scenes all ready. :blobupset:โ€‹

Don't know what to watch at dinner time? :blob3c:โ€‹

Jujutsu Kaisen
Haikyuu: To the Top!
Enen no Shouboutai

All of them are really good :blobmelt:โ€‹

Can't wait to divorce the touchpad, I need a mouse :googlemouse:โ€‹

Moriarty huh? I already like this Moriarty better than the one from Kabukichou Sherlock :blob3c:โ€‹

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