Anyway if you're wondering what you've been missing on Twitter, today Twitter started instantly autobanning anyone who said the word "Memphis" and did not figure out what had happened and fix it for like six hours

The entire time people were experimentally tweeting "Wait, do you really get banned if you say 'Memphis'?" and getting banned

@mcc i still dont know why I was suspended. They said spam but lots of people considered me a valuable and fun part of their TL. I also wasnt harmful or hateful and almost always positive.


I saw someone mention that the way you structured your anime cuties thread may have tripped up some obscure spam rule.
Usually people don't make threads where every tweet is a reply to the original, but rather each subsequent tweet is a reply to the previous.

@Paradox thats possibly it and if I have to restructure it then I at least want twitter to discuss it with me instead of weeks of no answer!

@Squeakball Twitter is unfortunately not known for being very communicative with its users.

@Paradox yeah i know. I email them every day so hopefully they eventually get sick and acknowledge it

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