Hey uh so I can't load posts newer than two days ago on my TL.
I know busshi ain't down cuz I can post.

Finally fixed this piece of shit.
Had to plug it into a different port.

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K the restart issue was because I had multiple php version enabled, so I fixed that.
Still won't run in server, unfortunately.

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I've been futzing with php, trying to get it working for my web server. I'm close with it.
One thing I've managed to do is get a SIGTERM upon restarting apache. Not sure why.

Gonna post a phpinfo dump too. It's long, though. Was gonna use catbox upon recommendation, but it's down right now (or at any rate, I can't access it).

Duolingo you have two choices.

Stop showing me landscape only ads.
Get a landscape mode for your app.

Styropyro really has a hard time saying what he means.

Not in any subtle way. He says "I mean" about once every minute or two.

Damn I think Tusky blocked neckbeard or something.

Reading about the existence of stateless people, those that aren't legally citizens of any country. Apparently there are about 12 million of them, most are probably refugees.

A few, like this guy Garry Davis, gave up their citizenship. He hated the idea of the state and wanted a world government, even calling out the UN for it.
His brother had died in WWII, and he himself was a bomber pilot. He wanted the world gov cuz he figured that would stop all future wars.

Buddy you may have been way ahead of your time. I don't think a world gov is what we need, and I also think being free of all war won't happen for another several hundred years. Respect the try, though.

The five fundamental forces of nature:
Strong nuclear
Weak nuclear

I call this my GHEWS theory.

I swear four months ago "blahaj" wasn't in anybody's vocabulary, except the Swedes.

Glad to be doing html and css stuff in a class project after, well, prolly for the first time ever in an academic context.

Now I sleep so I don't spend half the day sleeping. Don't want a repeat of that.

@Jain Is genitalia.observer instance blocked here?

Also I think I found a lifehack in Docker?
I haven't used them yet but I was able to pull mysql EZ.
I don't know how to actually use stuff in Docker but I'm praying that it's less of a pain to install and use stuff in it.

Also in case you're wondering I need mysql for a class thing.
Another class is using postgres, which I could probably double team with, but I'm not sure.

I should be asleep but I slept a bunch around midnight so I'm just gonna suffer tomorrow afternoon.

@Cody@genitalia.observer @medjed@genitalia.observer For some reason I can't see your profiles or posts in Tusky.

Apparently rice farming contributes as much to global warming as the plane flying industry does.

Really wanna lay next to a friend on one of those really cushy couches.
The ones that don't have a lot of friction to the upholstery and you can sink a third of the way into them.

Also I found out that your shark plushies are being discontinued this coming April so something to petition for.


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