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i would also like to DJ and do cooking streams, but i don't have a DJ board and the cooking will have to wait until i have my own kitchen

One of my current professors thought it was a good idea to supply the homework assignments as images, instead of a Word document or a PDF or even plain text, like a normal person would.
So I have to copy this shit down manually, and some of it uses special math symbols.

I like how bunnyhop is a common gaming term.

A man walks into a bar. He orders a beer. The bartender serves him a beer. The man drinks the beer, pays the bartender, and leaves the bar.
Then he and the whole bar become victims of a drive-by shooting.

I used to worry about people not liking me so intensely and now I wonder why certain people haven't kicked me out. It's like my social self esteem has 180'd and somehow it doesn't bother me.
Well, it kinda does, cuz I wish I were closer to them, but also I guess I've just accepted that who I am isn't going to be as digestible to everybody. Nor have I really lost the ability to be critical of my actions.

Look, random article websites.
I'm willing to consider turning off adblock for you, but there's one major issue for me. When I do whitelist your site, you still seem to think that I have it on for you. That's not helpful.
So... *blocks js for you*

Sometimes people just disappoint me.
Not like I asked them to do something and they failed, but like I wish they were not the way that they are.

At least Arknights knows how to give its female characters new outfits rather than creating a whole new character for a swimsuit version. And they give male characters some nice fits too.

Looking at you, FGO.

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sets of numbers are really just “oh this isn't possible? well fuck you i'll make up a system where it is, with blackjack and hookers!”

3/2 isn't a whole number? fuck it i'll invent RATIONAL numbers!
oh you can't calculate the ratio of a circle's circumference and its diameter? how about you try REAL numbers next time?
oh you can't square negative numbers? well i guess you just lack the IMAGINATION for things this COMPLEX

New problem: Php variable DIR is stuck on var/www/html, which is not the directory I want.

I suspect it has something to do with how volumes work in Docker, but I'm not sure why it insists on doing php mechanics in there.
Maybe I have a bunch of other shit installed in there I don't know about.

Mankind should not have invented glitter.

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Ok so what would happen if you made a game that was a combination of Half Life and Crysis?

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Here's what I've got going for my project so far.
Very much a draft but I like the look.

Also trying to figure out a database design but Activitypub has so many different variables there doesn't seem to be a concise table of what I need. I'd love a json example in the wild so I know what-all I need to deal with.

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