Hey guys, so I am very new to this platform and it is proving to be too difficult to figure out. I have tried watching videos and the lot and I honestly am not liking how this working out. I want to join an art instance and I can't seem to log into anything. I really want to use this, but sitting here for over 3 hours in confusion does not sell this platform

I really need to clean up my color palette for my art. I started eye dropping colors from other pictures online and that's no good!
I like having an artists eye to be like. "That color needs some green, or a tab bit of blue."

Hey everyone, I am having a bit of a struggle rn. I need a note-taking app to organize my notes for future content and mainly a place to store all the information in my head. I have used Google Docs for a long time, but recently found Roam Research. I love how you can markdown the notes and just started looking into linking my information, but now I heard Roam is going to start charging people for their service. It's understandable, but idk if I should assume there will be a free version. I heard Obsidian is a better alternative, but it is in beta?
Maybe my best option is to use the platforms all at once before committing and keeping all my data still on google drive in case something happens.

How do you keep track of your notes?

Hello, new to this platform. Was looking for an alternative to Twitter and my art gallery spot, and mostly a place I can text whatever is on my mind! I am an artist, that wants to make a name for myself. I am a varied artist that uses mostly digital, and I add witchcraft into my mix!

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