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if i'm posting from this account i'm /probably/ not sober

Today it was approximately 0°F outside with a wind chill. 🥶

I still like it here though.


One letter makes a big different!

It’s weird to think sometimes I think “oh it’s 03:00, 04:00 is just around the corner, better go to bed!”

And other times: “wtf it’s only 03:00? How the fuck at I gonna be up past 04:00!?”

I think if the pain doesn’t improve in a few more days I’m going to go in.

The house tonight was making all sorts of new sounds

A loud rushing of air sound I haven’t heard before, coming from the basement. I haven’t investigated this yet.

Another door audibly closing. It’s 2am why is anyone else up? But it was probably a human don’t tell me otherwise.

I don’t want anyone to come to my funeral.

I won’t be there, why would I want anyone else to be?

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