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if i'm posting from this account i'm /probably/ not sober

wonder what life would be like if I had a good childhood.

huh so I can't CMD+Enter to yeet a new toot but I can Control+Enter (which is super unintuitive on a Mac)

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Still alive. Still in MPLS.

Set up a website to share my pictures from this event.

This badger needs a new home.

I really don't feel like figuring out what's up with my instance. It's slow, DB is probably fucked?

Thought this was gonna be as easy as renewing the TLS cert.

Shit's fucked.

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Aw fuck, splat dot soy is on it's 6th day of downtime...

You ever get the munchies so bad you can’t sleep?

Couldn’t sleep until after I ate five bowls of cereal.

I keep waking up and falling back asleep, like I'm too cold to sleep for long, but far too lazy to move somewhere warmer because I'm high. :blobsleeping:

Today it was approximately 0°F outside with a wind chill. 🥶

I still like it here though.

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