Anyone else not effected by being stuck at home?

Im still doing what i did before since I rarely went out unless it was for work.

@matrix Why would they care...unless what they're teaching is utter bullshit.

ban all the furries. yiffing is bad

@SuperRobotDeluxe yea she hasnt tried to talk to me at all since she left and that was an hour ago.

I really hope she doesnt do anything stupid

So i just explained to someone that they were getting evicted from their apartment. THey read the letter and were very confused to what it all meant.

She apparently been using her money the last few months to buy sex toys and weed rather than paying her rent.

Anywho the moment i told her that she became silent then left the discord call and game and now isnt talking to me.

so yea i just ruined some aussie girls evening. Feelsbadman

@xerz its all good. I just saw the first pic on my TL and didnt see the rest of the thread.

Dating in your 30s is literally just seeing women who have such depressing outlooks that its over before it begins.

@mewmew i would do this but add all the pepe, apus, boomer, coomer and honk emojis!

we'd be the next chan!

I think its kinda funny how DNS-over HTTPS prevented me from getting my overwatch drops.

3 days of watching streams on firefox and i was getting NO DROPS.

The moment i move to chrome based browswer (which doesnt have this yet), i got the final 2 sets of drops i needed in a day. Twitch might need to fix this since its going to cause a lot of confusion esp when firefox turns it on by default!

I think dns over https is fucking over my overwatch twitch drops. Im texting it on a another browser and see if it works

i should clear out the people im following. Looks like i followed / got followed by a bunch of dead accounts :blobsad:​

My thoughts on egirls and how some beg for money 

@mewmew I thought the point of fedi was there werent any influencers :blobupsidedown:​

@pie Its hard but sometimes you just need to keep busy til you are sick of it.

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