Should I delete my niu account before it shuts down and I forget??

that place was my first fedi home and I hate seeing it go :(

@Alumina I wouldn't... no reason to delete it IMO

@mewmew I mean I have it redirecting here...but I don't want it ot be a ghost like my first fedi account!

@mewmew Ye I think i told you how I was on a site called and now it just shut down one day.

The ghost now haunts the fediverse...

@Alumina oh rip, I forgot

I'd leave it up if I were you though

@mewmew I'll probably forget to delete it anyways.

As of now though its redirecting so its basically deleted lol Not unless you want to erase something specifically. The history will stay archived on other servers prior to db pruning. If you delete the account it'll send a request out and it'll be thoroughly gone.

@J nothing really on thee I'd want to delete.

I just shit post, meme post, sad post and thirst lol

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