If you guys want a good reason why you should switch from discord to something else:

There's a site called dis.cool that is scrapping all users asnd servers tehy are on. You can search for users on it and it will show you what servers they're on.

Right now its down do to DNS change but its pretty freaking creepy how this is a thing.

Lewd and kinda a humble brag 

All fedi has to do is appeal to the egirls and the rest will follow.

Should I delete my niu account before it shuts down and I forget??

that place was my first fedi home and I hate seeing it go :(

I can't wait to get my gaming pc and only play overwatch, minecraft and slay the spire like i did before with my old pc.

Spending almost 2 grand to play the same games and maybe cyberpunk when it comes out πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Fedi has been boring as of late. There needs to be more drama involve other instances and such

[announcement] everyone follow @Alumina or they may be subject to some as-yet-to-be-determined punishment. :blobcat_MUDAMUDAMUDA: GET ON IT

I don't get why sex workers are mad at chaterbate now having a virtual camgirl. No one from your stream is going to ditch you for a virtual girl

Chill my dudes!

Saw someone on the birdsite responding to a bait post by what looks to be a troll account. I jumped into the thread and the amount of people falling for it is just...crazy.

How do normies not see bait troll accounts so easily? How do they let someone play them like that?

Women in the thread are foaming from the mouth over what this person said and im like you can obv tell they're a troll and this is just bait to get this sort of attention / reaction...

Why are normies so gullible ?

The Chinese are welding shut doors on apartment building entrances to keep people inside.

Such a scary time to be living in china :blobcatscared:

To all the new girls at busshi.moe, hit me up in the dms :blobwink:

My blood pressure is high not because of how i eat but because of overwatch competitive

Chicken nuggies are the greatest creation in the world!

Finally unfollowed someone who spent I always saw begging for money on fedi. They were cool when they first arrived but then it became a nonstop pity party on how they would be so grateful for help...

This would be fine for a one off type of thing but considering ive been on fedi for more than 2 or 3 yrs now and they're still at it, dude like chill.

I made by status on discord "looking for a cooler buddy" along with a coomer emote and now I'm getting offers by gay dudes.

Sorry lads, I'm straight and like boobs. Please get out of my dms :blobangery:

On the birdsite I keep getting followers who have private profiles. I would get this if i was on my lewd account but my regular account is just me talking to friends, doing back photoshops of egirls and shitposting.

πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ i dun get it.

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