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in the future we will be hunting wild packs of atheists using domesticated gays with iron dildos.
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Amazon Prime kinda tempting ngl I need a lot of shit often

So much drama on twitch these last few weeks.


2020 is crazy

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life under communism is generally quite good*

*if you have enough actual western currency the regime desperately wants

Im thankful that fedi has apps that actually work and arent really cluttered or stupid in UI design.

What is up with the smash community and minors?

A lot of weird and disgusting news coming up about that community.

The FOSS reddit clone lemmy got funding for its development.

how long til alt right shitposters taking it over :blobrofl:​

To all the gamers out there: stop being weirdos and stop doing weird shit to women.

Discord is going to start reading chat logs to make sure no one is being racist.

I can see a ton of edgy servers being deleted once this gets implemented and thats really scary / depressing.

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I have a good ability to detect which relationships that my friends have will crash and burn. But I usually don't tell them, I just sit back and :agummypopcorn:

I felt guilty that I was drifting away from a friend because of their attitude towards but but today she justified it pretty well.

To her, you're only a good close friend to her if you've spent money on her. The same person who goes out of her way calling people who buy her shit simps and orbiters, apparently thinks spending any sum of money on them makes them a good close friend of theirs.

Glad i jumped out of that toxic friendship

Latest version of firefox: hey remember how you disabled tab animations? Lets reintroduce them and make it harder for you to disable them

Thank god for r/firefox

lol i feel like my fedi experience is on par with twitter.

I tweet / toot into the void isnt loading any TL.

Is it broken for anyone else?


I triggered someone on the birdsite tonight. She is this new age psuedo intellectual who had probably the worst take during the worst fucking time.

She made post going on about how protesters shouldnt take down the robert e lee statue. Her reasoning? Its beautiful art!

Of course this lead to people just dogpiling her and calling her a racist.

She seemed pretty bummed about her post, so i offered my 2 cents about how she should learn to read the room better and she just blocked me :blobolaughing:​

Nothing of value was lost πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Looks like gab is spreading misinfo to gain more traction on the birdsite

Tomorrow might be a great day for the mastodon, pleroma and the fediverse as a whole if trump ends up doing what people are thinking he's going to do πŸ€”

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